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Release from the head of the company dated 30.03.2022

Personal message from the head of the company.

The 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine is an open military attack by the Russian Federation with the support of Belarus in Ukraine launched at 5:00 am on February 24, 2022.

My morning on February 24 began like a bad dream. I came under fire from the Russian armed forces in the status of an unarmed civilian when I was stationed near the city of Gostomel. Later after the occupation armed forces of Russia on the territory of my residence place, was forced to evacuate relatives and children to a safe place. After that, I immediately returned to Kiev to perform humanitarian work volunteering and get support to clients. As of today, technically, all equipment works GOOD, we have protective equipment and are ready to support our existing customers. Now the brazen invasion of Russia has caused more than $105,000 in personal damage to me and the company, leaving me personally homeless place.

I personally and the hosting company, will continue take part in humanitarian issues, providing assistance to temporarily displaced citizens of Ukraine who were forced to leave their destroyed homes. If you have a desire to help children and temporarily displaced citizens of Ukraine, you can apply through the ticket system with an offer of assistance, for which we will be very grateful and provide reports on the use of assistance.

We have been working since 2012, we were able to go through the difficult path through the military conflict of 2014 in Alchevsk and we will go through it now, leaving no one in trouble. We will do our job, maintain the maximum possible uptime of the equipment. To do everything in our power.

I express my gratitude to all our regular customers and partners who stay with us and worry about us.

Sincerely, Head of HideHost.net