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Public offer

These terms and conditions are correct for all packages/rates and countries in which the services are provided.

Registration and replenishment of the client's personal account in the company's billing means full agreement with the following terms and conditions.

This agreement regulates the relationship between the HIDEHOST company (hereinafter the Company), the company's client (hereinafter the Client) and hosting services (hereinafter the hosting). This contract-offer does not require signing in writing. This agreement constitutes your purchase of our hosting services.

1. Registration procedure

1.1 The client registers in the Company's billing system. All requested data must be provided during registration.
1.2 After registration, the Client receives an information letter with all the necessary data.
1.3 The registration period is unlimited. The client can pay for the ordered services at any time, but the payment will be made according to the current tariffs for the services.

2. Payment procedure

2.1 The Service is paid for by the Client from the Company's billing panel independently, except for rare cases of manual payment.
2.2 All services are provided only on the basis of 100% prepayment. The test period is provided in the amount of 3 days.
2.3 Payment is made in available ways, at the choice of the client.
2.4 In the case of automatic payment, the fact of payment is considered perfect only if it is registered by the automatic interfaces of the company's billing system.
2.5 For manual payment, the Client must contact the Customer Service Department and agree on the payment procedure. In this case, the fact of payment is considered complete after it is registered by an employee of the Customer Service Department in the company's billing system.
2.6 In case of non-payment for the next period, the hosting service is blocked within 1-48 hours.
2.7 After blocking, your data is stored for 2 days. After this period, data recovery is not possible.
2.8 Hosting services are unlocked upon receipt of full payment.
2.8.1 The payment period after blocking starts from the day of the new payment.
2.9 30 calendar days are accepted for the monthly payment period of hosting services.
2.10 До оплати може додаватися комісія посередників та платіжних систем.

3. Moneyback

3.1 The client has the right to return funds for unused services in full, funds are credited only to the client's account in the company's billing system and can be spent on any other company's services, transferred to another client's account, or returned to the client's account in the payment system .
3.2 Refunds are possible within the first 14 days of using the services.
3.2.1 Refunds are made to verified customers only.
3.3 Refunds are made within 45 days, in a way at the discretion of the Company.
3.4 For a refund, you need to file a ticket with the "Sales Department" indicating all registration data (verification data), as well as data for accessing the server and the reason for refusing services.
3.5 Refund procedure:
3.5.1 When paying in advance, refunds are made only for full unused months.
3.5.2 Refunds will be refused in case of clear violation of the terms of service provision described in this offer and other additional agreements on the site.
3.5.3 A commission is deducted from the refund amount, the commission is paid by the client.
3.6 In the event that due to the fault of the client to whom the refund is being made, the company suffered losses (disconnection of servers, networks, IP being blacklisted, etc.), the amount of expenses is deducted from the amount of the refund, depending on each specific case.
3.7 Funds will not be refunded if the Client violates the public contract or additional rules specified on the website.

4. Rights and obligations of the Client

4.1 Resale of the company's services without the approval of the Sales Department and registration of partnership relations is prohibited.
4.2 The client is obliged to monitor the compliance of all posted materials (including links to them), content posted on the server, to be responsible for its compliance with laws on copyright, related rights, norms of current legislation (depending on the country where the equipment is located).
4.3 The client has the right to use its hosting for any purposes, except those that are contrary to the legislation of the country where the equipment is located, the laws on copyright and related rights, as well as the norms of ethics and morality.
4.4 In the event that the node/host machine/IP network of the Company is blocked due to the client's fault (without the client's explicit intention), before unblocking the hosting, the client is obliged to make a deposit to the Company's account in the amount of 3 (three) monthly payments at the current tariff
4.4.1 The deposit can be used to pay for services, but in case of re-blocking due to the Client's fault, it will not be returned and will be used for corrections and compensation for the damage caused to the Company.
4.5 If the client's hosting is blocked due to a complaint and/or for other reasons more than 3 times a month (network scan, outgoing and incoming DDOS) - the Client is obliged to pay a penalty for unblocking in the amount of $50.
4.6 If the Client does not take measures regarding the complaint, the Company reserves the right to block the Client without further notice.
4.6.1 If an "Abuse" complaint is received, the Company will notify the Client. The issue should be resolved within 1-48 hours of receiving an "Abuse" complaint.
4.6.2 If there is no reaction or response, the Company will block the account without additional notice.
4.6.3 If the answer is received and the requirements are met, the "Abuse" complaint is automatically removed.

5.Rights and obligations of the Company

5.1 The Company reserves the right to revise the rules of service provision, including the pricing policy and tariff characteristics at any time, without prior notice and unilaterally, the new rules become effective at the time of publication on the Company's website.
5.2 The company undertakes to maintain the proper quality of host machines, to eliminate all malfunctions as soon as possible.
5.3 The company does not guarantee 100% uptime of the network and host machines.
5.4 The Company is not responsible for unintentional disclosure of confidential and other information, as well as cases of fraud by third parties, intentional interference with the Company's services and damage to the Company's equipment, theft and damage to the Client's information.
5.5 The company is not responsible for the impossibility of accessing services due to the fault of third parties (for example, Internet providers, trunk operators).
5.6 The company reserves the right to stop servers in an emergency for: Scheduled maintenance due to DDOS attacks or other network attacks, as a result of natural disasters and other force majeure circumstances.
5.7 The Company reserves the right to block the hosting of the Company's Clients at its own discretion, in case of lack of timely response to complaints, other violations of the rules, as well as in cases of creating an increased load on the network or infrastructure of the premises where the equipment is located.

6. The Company reserves the right to terminate the provision of services at its sole discretion, immediately and without notice in the event of:

6.1 Unauthorized distribution or copying of software protected by copyright, violation of laws of Ukraine, Russian Federation, Norway, Germany, other international norms and agreements, export restrictions, fraud, circulation of pornographic/erotic materials, drugs and other illegal activities.
6.2 Mass mailings, the receipt of which was not given explicit consent - SPAM.
6.3 Use hosting as file storage.
6.4 Defamation, dissemination of personal information, violation of copyright and related rights, intellectual rights.
6.5 Strictly prohibited: child pornography, violence and scenes with animals.
6.6 Violation of privacy and property rights. Posting slander and offensive information, helping, inciting to international enmity, murder, terrorism, violence in any form.
6.7 The Company disclaims responsibility for decisions made against the Client, in case of violation of copyright and related rights without clear evidence (notarized documents, court decisions) on content (text and graphics, as well as video and any other that is not software) sites/servers. These decisions can be made by the Company independently, the Company is not responsible for them.
6.8 In case of interference with normal and stable operation of servers, network resources, joint operation of the Company.
6.9 Improper communication with Company employees, including the use of profanity, spreading defamatory information about the Company. Refunds will not be made.

7. The company is not responsible

7.1 For any type of direct and indirect damage, loss of information, business reputation and other cases of damage.
7.2 The Company does not check the content of the Client's hosting. An exception is the case of receiving a targeted complaint from a third party.

8. Guarantee of allocated resources

8.1 We provide virtual hosting tariffs with conditionally unlimited traffic, if the traffic on your account does not fit into our limits, then the Company has the full right to offer a switch to a higher tariff plan or offer a refund for unused full months of service.

9. Service level guarantee

9.1 The company guarantees maintenance of hosting availability at the level of 97% per month
9.1.1 In case of violation of Clause 9.1, every full day (24 hours) of downtime of the server with the Client's hosting placed on it shall be compensated to the Client in a double amount.
9.2 Compensation is accrued only in the form of additional days of service and cannot be paid in cash or credited to the client's account.